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Welcome to our SMTP Email Plugin, the ultimate solution for seamless email delivery on your WordPress website. Designed and developed by our expert team, this plugin empowers you to take full control of your email delivery, ensuring reliable and efficient communication with your audience.

With our SMTP Email Plugin, you can bid farewell to email delivery issues commonly faced with default WordPress settings. Whether you’re sending transactional emails, newsletters, or notifications, our plugin ensures that your messages reach your recipients’ inboxes promptly and securely.

Say goodbye to spam folders and delivery delays. Our plugin integrates seamlessly with your WordPress site, providing easy configuration options and robust features to enhance your email communication. From SMTP authentication to advanced delivery settings, our plugin offers a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs.

Experience the power of reliable email delivery with our SMTP Email Plugin. Elevate your WordPress website’s communication capabilities and unlock new possibilities for engaging with your audience. Get started today and revolutionize the way you send emails from your WordPress site.

Start using the plugin

Once you have installed the plugin, you can access the CP24 menu from your dashboard. Under the Email sub-menu, you will find the option to configure your SMTP settings. There is also a “Send Test Email” button located next to the SMTP details form, which allows you to check if your SMTP server is working properly.

SMTP Details

To use an SMTP server from your WordPress website, you need to have the following information:

SMTP Host: 
This can be either an IP address (like or a domain (like smtp.server.com).

SMTP Port: 
This is a number that your SMTP provider will give you.

SMTP Username: 
This is the username you use to interact with the SMTP server. It’s usually an email address (like admin@domain.com).

SMTP Password: 
This is the password you use to interact with the SMTP server.

SMTP From: 
This is the email that your contacts will see as the sender in their inbox. To prevent any issues and reduce spam rate, you should usually enter your username here.

SMTP From Name: 
You can enter any name you want here.

Send The Test Email

After entering your SMTP information and sending a test email, our plugin provides real-time feedback on the delivery status, ensuring a seamless setup process. This test form allows you to verify the accuracy of your SMTP configuration and troubleshoot any potential issues promptly. Rest assured that your email will be delivered with precision and reliability, demonstrating the effectiveness of our SMTP Email Plugin in optimizing your WordPress site’s email delivery performance.

Please ensure your email includes a clear subject and message to avoid being marked as spam. For example, avoid sending a subject such as “Hi”.

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